Three Point Stance | Case Study: Behind the Lights
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Case Study: Behind the Lights


T-Mobile USA – Ford Canada – Defy Media


T-Mobile USA and Ford Canada wanted a creative way to connect with millennials, drive engagement and amplify its brand message. Project needed to leverage ambassadors and activate all social media platforms. Distribution should run across all platforms and devices. Both clients were elated with the idea of a series around professional and collegiate sports, but the series could not


We believed we still had to create a series that resonated with the die hard sports fan, but also transversed a variety of demographics. T-Mobile was the veteran in the branded space and Ford Canada was a first timer.


Behind The Lights: “It’s everything in sports you’ve never seen.”


How We Did It

Talent Alignment

Hired Andrew Santino (ABC’s Mixology, The Office, Arrested Development, Punk’d), a comedian who resonated with millennials and more.

Content Development

We developed a digital series that took a fascinating insider’s look into the unseen jobs of professional and collegiate sports.  It went behind the scenes in professional and collegiate sports and we provided access that was unseen and untapped in the digital space for brands. We did this by utilizing, maintaining and developing relationships with key organizations such as MLB, NHL, Oakland A’s, San Diego Padres, Los Angeles Kings, CFL, Calgary Stampede and Stanford University to execute

Account Management

We managed a team of
executives from both T-Mobile and Ford, three agencies, distributor and a network who owned the television rights to the content.

How It Turned Out